Crazy-Cool, Bod-Sculpting Moves You Can Do on a Treadmill

Crazy-Cool, Bod-Sculpting Moves You Can Do on a Treadmill
Lift your body into the air by putting all your weight on your arms, and straightening them completely. At the same time, move your legs in a running motion in the air, lifting knees as high as you can to your chest. Set your feet back down, take one …
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Can Eggshells Crack the Case of Whether Dinosaurs Ran Hot or Cold?
Since eggs grow their tough calcium carbonate shells inside their mother's body, looking at the chemical structures of those eggs can give scientists clues about the critter's temperature, according to the study recently published in the journal Nature …
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The Easiest Way to Sculpt Your Body
This discovery was that subcutaneous fat cells are more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other surrounding tissue. When these fat cells are exposed to controlled cooling for a sustained period of time, they undergo a gradual reduction and cell …
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Latest Lipo Laser News

Conheça tipos de lipo disponíveis e vantagens e desvantagens de cada técnica
No lipolaser é usada uma cânula especial acoplada a um aparelho de laser. A área de gordura localizada a ser tratada é preparada com a infiltração subcutânea de solução fisiológica resfriada associada a adrenalina. Segundo Rogério Matoso, depois …
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Khanyi Mbau reveals her latest cosmetic procedures, says 'my nose is my own'
The mother of one and self-proclaimed reformed gold digger says she had a non invasive laser lipo procedure in her early twenties. The procedure was to prevent cellulite and saddle bags from forming. "I'm in the public eye so I like to be easy on the …
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Laser Liposuction in Chelmsford

Laser liposuction in Chelmsford brings the latest in minimally invasive technology for effective fat removal, toning and skin tightening. The modality which goes by the name of SmartLipo MPX is FDA approved and is trusted and relied by many as the ultimate modality for body contouring. It is also proven to be one of the safest lipolysis procedures available today which can be undergone by men and women who desire to attain the best possible body.

Procedure for Obstinate Fat in Body

The modality available with a handful of plastic surgeons in Chelmsford is capable of dissolving obstinate fat in the body. The liquefied fat is then easily aspirated using a suction device. Traditional lipolysis is becoming fast outdated with the coming of the multiplex technology that combines the power of two lasers in a single output. This makes it possible for plastic surgeons to get the job done in a relatively short time without causing injuries or burns on the body.

Another salient feature of the laser assisted modality is the tightening of loose skin to make it smooth and firm. Tissue coagulation is also achieved simultaneously. There is hardly any bleeding, swelling or bruising as the procedure is carried out by making very small incisions. Furthermore, the area surrounding the treated region remains unaffected as the sophisticated handheld device targets only the fat deposits with its precision based laser.

General anesthesia is now replaced with local anesthesia which not only minimizes possibilities of risk and complications but also allows patients to remain awake during the procedure.

Laser liposuction can be opted to eliminate excess fat from the chin, neck, upper arms, back, abdomen, love handles, thighs, buttocks and knees. Patients require just a few days of bed rest, after which they can resume light activities.

Laser Liposuction for a Symmetrical Body

Laser liposuction in Chelmsford can give a symmetrical body which is almost impossible to achieve by strict diet and exercises. Board certified plastic surgeons are capable of carrying out this minimally invasive procedure with seamless perfection by fully understanding their patient’s needs. Customized treatment can be sought for one or more parts of the body as long as patients maintain realistic expectations.

Laser Liposuction Chelmsford -Dr. Eliopoulos performs a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures including facelift, liposuction – both traditional suction assisted liposuction and Smartlipo MPX laser assisted liposuction, tummy tuck etc.

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How to get the enviable physiques of the stars: Ryan Phillippe's stomach

How to get the enviable physiques of the stars: Ryan Phillippe's stomach
Ryan, 41, looked every inch the gym hunk on holiday with his girlfriend recently. The Cruel Intentions star has worked out with Hollywood trainer Happy Hill for ten years, mixing cardio with weight-lifting, plyometrics, powerful jumps and bounding. 'I …
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Modern Lipo sculpting Can Help You Painlessly Reshape Your Body

One of the biggest problems facing the vast majority of people as they get older is that their bodies start to spread. Whether they like it or not the shin starts losing its elasticity and resilience and an accumulation of unsightly fat starts around the tummy, on the thighs and upper arms, around the face and love handles and double chins become a feature.

Now were we living in the time of the artist Rubens all would be well. Rubens’ models were all well endowed. But that was then and this is now. We live in an era where the body beautiful is worshiped and the fashion bullied almost insist that anyone who is not a size 1 is too fat to even be considered.

Now of course this is all fantasy and there are few size 1s around but nevertheless excess fat on the body is a source of chagrin and the milieu are full of diets and exercise regimes, many of which are challenging, all of which are painful and despite all the time and starving oneself the stubborn fat appears to linger.

Well there is a easy solution to getting rid of excess body fat and that is by ” Lipospiracao ” or liposculpting.

Historically Liposuction is renowned for being painful and also tending to leave odd shapes, dents and islands as some of the more stubborn deposits of fat were not removed effectively. This has changed in modern times where with the use of modern extremely thin canula, under local anesthesia, that squirts a numbing substance onto the fat and then gently sucks it away.

These procedures are being successfully and routinely performed in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, California, At the Lipospiracao center in Beverly Hills these procedures, using a local anesthetic procedure known as tumescence most procedures are completed within an hour and the patient usually walks out and continues with their normal activities. Patients mostly report only mild discomfort and not any pain at all.

Now the easy areas are the upper arms, which get flabby as one gets older, The chin and face to eliminate the double chin, the thigh to bring back a shapely leg. Man boobs are a favorite target as are the buttocks. As mentioned above all these are procedures that can be done with little trouble in one session of an hour at the Beverley Hills clinic. One should be in good health before undergoing lipo procedures as certain stress is involved.

The only exception to the hour long procedure and go back to work is really liposuction to the abdomen which is somewhat more challenging. The effects can be dramatic and as much as a gallon of fat may be permanently removed. However the procedure does take up to 2 hours and is performed under local anesthetic.

A certain amount of swelling and water retention immediately after the procedure is possible but these will disappear after a short period.

So don’t be afraid, If you have stubborn fat and would like to alter your shape then consider lipo sculpture.

Modern Lipo sculpting can painlessly remove unwanted body fat. Check out Lipoaspiracao

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Working Out With Victoria's Secret Model Cindy Bruna: The 5-Step Guide to Flat Abs
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6 Tricks to Get the Most Out of Cardio Machines
We all need regular strength training sessions – including everything from resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, weight plates and medicine balls to your own body weight. In fact, we've put together a fun workout of strength-training …
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'How we stay in Strictly shape': The dancers with the most-watched bodies in
It works the arms, core, legs and back; it's cardio, endurance training, conditioning and sculpting – it really is a full body workout. I teach FitSteps, a ballroom- and Latin-based dance programme, which I put together with my dance partner Ian Waite …
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New treatment to dissolve double chins available in East Texas

New treatment to dissolve double chins available in East Texas
Before Kybella became FDA approved, liposuction, neck and face lifts were the primary treatments for a double chin. Kybella … At Pure Radiance Laser Retreat, the cost starts at $ 600 dollars per vial and patients may require more than 1 vial per …
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If You Had The Money, Would You Ditch The Gym For Liposuction?
And on last night's episode, she went through with her liposuction. The fat was sucked out from her stomach, and based on the ….. see a huge difference after if you're not at your goal weight. The gym is more cost effective and better for your health …
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Two Mass. Companies Create Non-Invasive Devices To Treat Unwanted Fat
“Fat is the number one cosmetic issue among Americans,” says Dr. Mathew Avram, Director of the Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. Liposuction used to be the only option. Now there are two non-invasive treatments …
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Liposuction – How Much Weight Can You Lose?

It’s a question that gets asked all the time. How much weight can liposuction take off me? Unfortunately, the premise of the question is somewhat flawed. Much of this misunderstanding comes from the mainstream media. When the procedure was first gaining traction, news reports played it as overweight people heading out to the doctor to get all of the fat sucked out of them, thus making them thin. This isn’t the way the procedure works. Many doctors will refuse to perform the procedure on a patient that is more than 20% over their ideal weight. That’s right-liposuction is a cosmetic procedure meant for thin people.

To many people, this is a shocking thing to hear. Perhaps you’re even questioning the validity of that statement because you’ve seen the results of others who have had the procedure done. It looks as though they’ve lost a lot of weight. Chances are, however, they didn’t. Or if they did, it was through diet and exercise, combined with the procedure. Most plastic surgeons will not take out more than ten pounds of fat during a single operation. While that’s quite a lot of fat, it’s not what many would consider extraordinary weight loss.

So what is the procedure for, if not to lose weight? Did you ever see those commercials for exercise equipment or routines that promise to take the fat off your thighs, or reduce fat from your belly? It’s rubbish, all of them. It’s long been scientifically known that it is impossible to spot reduce fat from any one part of your body. Your body decides where it wants to lose the fat from and there’s nothing you can do to make it change its mind. So that means that many people get down to their ideal weight and still have a problem area. If they lose more weight, it still may not come off that area, instead coming from places where they can’t spare it, making them look skeletal in one area, while still plump in another. This is where liposuction comes in.

If you have a relatively good diet and you can keep your weight under control, you may be a very good candidate for the procedure. Tell your doctor about your problem area and see if there’s anything they can do. Chances are, the procedure will be able to remove the fat from that area. You may not lose a lot of weight, but you’ll look like you did.

If you’re looking for liposuction in Pittsburgh, do your research before you decide. For more information, visit

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